Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Payday Loans - The Legal Loan Sharking Industry

Laws have been created to protect people against "Loan Shark" practices in which short-term loans are given out at excessive interest rates. There is an industry that has come of age the last couple of years that has circumvented these laws. Enter the Payday loan industry.

Payday loans is a some-what new multi-billion dollar industry in which people borrow money to tithe them over until their next payday. These loans also go by the names cash advance loans and paycheck loans. They prey on the lower class that find themselves short of money before a payday.

The one thing to consider when looking into a payday loan is the APR or Annual Percentage Rate that these loans carry. At first glance, you may think paying $240.00 for a loan of $200.00 for two weeks is ok. The A.P.R of this loan comes to a whopping 520%. That is the amount this loan would cost if played over a years time. Compare this with a high interest credit card of 29%. When you see it compared to these numbers, you can see they are not the bargain you first thought it was.

A representative from a payday loan company has agreed to be interviewed for this article on the condition his identity and that of his company be anonymous.

I asked him, how can they can justify such enormous interest charges. His reply was "Because we can. There are loopholes out there that allow us to do this. This is a high risk loan for most cases so we need to charge enough to cover bad loans and to make a profit."

When asked about if payday loans are ever a good idea, his response was "Sure. For example if you will be late on a credit card payment of $70.00 and will be charged a late fee of $30.00 then the APR of the payday loan justifies getting one. You will save points if you get a payday loan and not pay the higher interest rate of the late fee."

When you should get a payday loan:

There are times when payday loans are justified as discussed above. The primary example when your late fees are more expensive than the late fees paid to your creditors.

Another non-tangible justification is when you can avoid getting reported for a late payment. This can be far more expensive than any payday loan fee in that it could affect the cost you pay for future loans. This is especially true if it�s your mortgage or car payments.

Yet another reason to get a payday loan is that you determine that the cost is worth it to you personally. If you are headed for the long awaited vacation and could use a few extra bucks to enjoy and can afford the fees then you should look into this.

A final thought on when you should get a payday loan is if you need that cash and it�s free. That's right free. There are a many sites out there that charge ZERO interest to all first-time customers. One such site can be found at Low Cost Payday Loans.

What to look for when getting a payday loan:

The first thing to look for is the APR. Federal law has made it so that every lender must disclose the cost of any money borrow through a Truth in Lending Disclosure. This must break down the cost by APR (Annual Percentage Rate). This is the first thing to compare loans by.

Another thing to look for is the length of the term. If two companies charge the same rate for every hundred dollars borrowed but company A has a term of up to four weeks and company B has a term of two weeks, then go for Company A and take advantage of the extra four weeks. The APR of Company A is half of Company B. The reason this differs from the first item is that sometimes they base APR on a fixed amount of time (two-three weeks usually). When you read the fine print that the fee charge is fixed and may allow you to pay it back in a longer term such as four weeks.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Lai Four 2011

My Lai Four (2011) iNTERNAL LIMITED DVDRip XviD-iLG
Language: English | 1h 42mn | DVDRip | avi | 640x272 | XviD @ 830 Kbps | MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 700 MB
Genres: War

New in Italian cinemas, My Lai Four, a movie about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Here s the blurb: Freely adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Seymour Hersh, this film recounts the story of a platoon of American soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Wm. Calley. Falling into an ambush, they come under enemy fire and in the disastrous fight that ensues, two young soldiers lose their lives; a third is so badly injured that Sgt. Cowen is forced to put him out of his hopeless agony


Mirror 1 :
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Friday, April 15, 2011

HiDownload Platinum 7.991

HiDownload Platinum 7.991
HiDownload Platinum 7.991 | 4.12 Mb

HiDownload - Download Manager sniffer. Supports the protocols HTTP, FTP, RTSP (Windows Media), PNM, MMST and MMSU (this means that streaming audio - RA, RM, and Apple Quicktime Streaming - can be downloaded without problems). Can work through a proxy, you can view files and download them only the necessary files, allows you to save Flash, there is built-in search of MP3-files. Incidentally, there is at this program and internal search. Naturally, it supports resuming after the break, there is a scheduler, you can create any number of categories and more. HiDownload supports all standard protocols used for streaming video. Using the software, you can also download streaming video, password-protected. Among other features of the program preview Zip-archives, and unpacking them, search for files mp3, save flash animation, integration with browsers.

- Multi-threaded download
- Resume file
- Support for HTTP / FTP / SOCKS proxy
- Integration in browser
- Ability to record Internet radio and much more.

Changes in HiDownload Platinum 7.991:

- small improvement.

Released: 2011
Version: 7.991
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: English
License: Crack
Size: 4.12 Mb

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Games PSP SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3

SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 (USA/UMD/PSP/2011/PROPER)
April 3rd, 2011 |
English | PSP|
Developer: Slant Six Games |
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment |
Genre: Action / Tactics
Alexander Gozorov is a man that does not want to be found, an ex-KGB agent with ties to the Russian mafia, he has killed everyone we have sent to find him. Gozorov is believed to have information on a major imminent attack against western interests. Time is running out and your 4-man team of U.S Navy SEALs is sent in to track him down.
Created with the support of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3 continues to build on the legacy of the critically-acclaimed and hugely popular Fireteam Bravo series.The game has players lead a 4-man fireteam of U.S. Navy SEALs in an action-packed military hunt for weapons of mass destruction and an ex-KGB agent. Not only as the SEAL Commander will you be supported by 3 AI teammates executing the very latest SOCOM team-based tactical, stealth and action maneuvers, but you can easily bring your friends online by playing in a new 4-player co-op mode throughout the single player campaign.

Features :
* * Console like control with intelligent use of cover.
* * Strong contemporary narrative supported by cutting edge presentation.
* * Cooperative play in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes allows for 2-4 player co-ops which include co-op orders, quick join and spectator system.
* * Competitive multiplayer for 2-16 players via Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes.
* * Unlock gear and weapons, earn medals and ribbons as you complete objectives, either offline or by teaming up on-line.
* * Communicate with teammates via voice chat.
* * Continue the action – SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 has an almost limitless combination of custom missions, gear, weapons and difficulty settings.
* * Team focused – SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 allows new ways for players to interact, expanding on the team orientated, authentic, military action that the SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo franchise is famous for.
SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 (USA/UMD/PSP/2011/PROPER)

No Password | Single Extraction | Interchangeable Links

Download From

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YouTube Downloader Suite 2.5.1

YouTube Downloader Suite 2.5.1 | 16.98 Mb

YouTube Downloader Converter Suite is a tool to help you download videos from YouTube and convert to any video formats like AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, Divx or audio formats like MP3, WMA, and AAC etc. The final video you get from YouTube will be completely compatible with iPod, PSP, Zune, MP3 player and other portable devices
Support cropping and trimming YouTube videos to get your favorite parts with built-in video converter. The built-in media player will help you enjoy YouTube videos any time as your want.

Powerful search engine
This tool not only enables you to download specific video by pasting URL address, but enable you search the best YouTube videos to download. Type keywords of the video and enter you will get a list of related videos with screenshots.
Batch Mode support
You can download or convert pieces of videos at the same time.
Best YouTube Download Manager
With YouTube Converter suite, the download process will be stable and fast, we have test download 20 YouTube videos at a time.
Powerful Video Converter
The program has a powerful built-in Video converter which can convert YouTube videos to any video or audio formats as you want. Support cropping and trimming videos
Fully compatible with mobile and portable devices
The video you get will compatible with iPod, PSP, iPhone, so you can sync to your iTunes and transfer to any player as you want.
Powerful media player
YouTube converter suite also offer you a powerful media player which can play any video and movies, you don’t need worry about compatible of the video formats and install other media player.
Get one, and you get all YouTube Downloader + Video Converter + Media Player.




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µTorrent 3.0.25184 Beta

µTorrent 3.0.25184 Beta | 1.26 Mb

µTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients, with plenty of features such as bandwidth prioritization, RSS auto-downloading, scheduling and Mainline DHT (which is compatible with BitComet, another well-known BitTorrent client), Protocol Encryption joint specification (used also by Azureus and above, BitComet 0.63+) and peer exchange.

µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources - typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren't there at all.

Features of µTorrent :
- Multiple simultaneous downloads
- Configurable bandwidth scheduler
- Global and per-torrent speed limiting
- Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
- RSS Downloader
- Trackerless support (Mainline DHT).

-- 2011-04-08: Version 3.0 (build 25184)
- Fix: share URL for send torrent was wrong
- Feature: new Find Content app (replaces the old app studio)
- Change: improve performance of switching between apps
- Change: new playback icons on toolbar.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: Multi
License: Free
Size: 1.26 Mb

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GetRadio | 10.6 MB

Listen to your favorite music from over 25,000 internet radio stations. With a powerful tool like GetRadio it's easier than ever, and fun, too. Select the genre or your preferred station to start listening and recording immediately. GetRadio tags and sorts all the tracks automatically. The music is recorded with no quality loss for your best enjoyment. And of course it's legal. Save a wealth of money by getting all your favorite songs with GetRadio, only at the cost of the program. GetRadio will record music from web radio stations automatically.

Just select the genre and you are set. Select specific artists and GetRadio will record only their music as soon as it airs on any web radio station. You will expand your media library tenfold in no time! Using the auto record function will work like a breeze. Turn it on and let it work in the background. GetRadio will record the songs of just about any genre known to human race. Your hard drive will be packed with great music till it explodes! GetRadio allows you to record your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want in the future. Better yet, with this program you will discover great new music!

Key Features
* listen to 25,000 popular web radio stations
* record tons of great music for free
* discover new music
* no quality loss, auto record feature
* listen to thousands of web radio stations
* find a web radio by genre
* record several web radio stations simultaneousely
* record songs from web radio as mp3 files
* record by artist name

Download links :


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Games PC RayCity 2011

RayCity (2011/PC/ENG/RePack) | 1.55 Gb
Year: 2011 | Genre: MMOG / Racing / 3D | Platform: PC | Language: English
Publisher: AsiaSoft | Developer: EA’s Seoul Studio

RayCity™ is a free-to-play online racing MMORPG, (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game) very popular with casual gamers, car enthusiasts and fans of racing games. Step on the gears and hit the streets, feel an adrenaline rush as you race through the super-realistic urban jungles! Experience the thrill of whizzing at high speed in super fast cars while you nail quests and missions to unlock new areas and options. Level up to gain the use of improved performance parts to boost your racing thrills in RayCity!

Live the dream of creating your very own fantasy car by customizing the body parts, paint kits and decorative items. Grab the opportunity to own a racing club! It’s a whole lot of fun one can experience and won’t want to miss! Don’t miss out on all the thrills and excitement of the hottest racing MMORPG today!

* Lots of quests and missions. Tedious to perform one? Call a friend and do the job together!
* Auto tuning: paint the car of your choice, replace the parts - all at your fingertips;
* Mode of free-riding, hot pursuit and speed of arrival;
* Elements of MMORPG: Guild system, pumping characteristics of the car, in-game chat.

System requirements:
* Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7;
* Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz / AMD 1800 +;
* Memory: 512 MB (1Gb VISTA);
* Video: nVidia GeForce 5200 / ATI Radeon 9600;
* Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
* Free space: 3.0 GB

RayCity (2011/PC/ENG/RePack)RayCity (2011/PC/ENG/RePack)RayCity (2011/PC/ENG/RePack)

Instructions for running:
1. Install the game;
2. Register an account on *
3. Running through Patcher.exe or Raycity.exe
4. Play!

Features RePack:
-Does not require a long update
-Do not cut
-No recoded

Official site:

Year: 2011
Genre: MMOG / Racing / 3D
Developer: EA's Seoul Studio
Publisher: AsiaSoft
Platform: PC

Publication Type: license
Language: English
Crack: Not required
Size: 1.55 Gb

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