Friday, May 6, 2011

Windows Art Edition - 2011 - Windows 7 Ultimate - x86 - Prince NRVL

Windows Art Edition-2011-Windows 7 Ultimate-x86-Prince NRVL | ISO | 3.558 GB

This Windows ART Edition 2011 houses all the arts around the web. And many catchy themes etc.

None of the components been removed. Windows easy transfer and windows set up at first start works
really great.

Welcome to Windows ART Edition 2011 mates
This time I decided to make a really good mod OS. And I named it Window ART Edition - 2011.
This Windows ART Edition 2011 houses all the arts around the web. And many catchy themes etc.

None of the components been removed. Windows easy transfer and windows set up at first start works

really great.

Author : Prince NRVL

Architecture : 32 bit or x86

Platform : Windows
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate [ 7600 RTM ]

Drivers : Hi - definition drivers included

Applications : 30 New Appz included

Tested : Tested on iNtel i7, i5, C2Q

Whats' New??

- New Eye catching themes

- New icon sets

- New Sound schemes
- New Registry settings
- Best in - class appearence mod
- Hang time ratio improved
- Added best shortcut styles
- Best in - class performance
- Sample Music
- Improved application interface

Components [ removed ]
- None

Divers [ Added ]
- nVidia HD


- iNtel HD
- and many more..

Desktop Tweaks

- Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes

- Application TimeOut - 1000

- Show Windows Live
- Font Smoothing
- Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut - 2000
- Welcome Center
- Menu Show Delay - 8
- Wait to Kill Application TimeOut - 2000

Task bar
- Shows run on task bar

- Start menu power button to shutdown

- Display recently opened items in the start menu and taskbar is disabled
- Start menu search enabled

Desktop context
- Add Device Manager

- Add Group Policy

- Add MS-Config
- Add Services
- God Mode
- Registry Editor
- Administrative Tools
- Apperance
- Change Theme
- Desktop Icon Settings
- NetWork Connections
- Program and Features
- Task Manager

Xplorer Context
- Copy To

- Move To

- Grant Admin Permission
- Open With Notepad
- Disk Clean up
- Defragment
- Register and Unregister dll

Disabled features [ Remember its only disabled not removed!! u can enable it manually!! ]
- Anti spyware


- Windows Firewall

System Files
- Theme patched

- IE has been tweaked for faster browsing and also for better reliability

- IE search box been enabled
- IE Welcome page is been disabled [ no hassles from now ]
- Clear type font enabled
- Search bar set to google not bing!
- Redirect at first phase to my site
- Full information will be shown at end and start up of system
- Lowdisk space warning is been disabled

Visual settings
- Thick window frame

- Drag for full window

- Transparent Glass
- Avalon effects
- Drag to maximise

Registry Tweaks
- Full optimized and best registry files added

Themes [ thanks to Mr.Grim And other at Virtual Customs ]
- Total of 19 eye catchy themes added

- 84 new and abstract wallpapers been added.

- New glassy gadgets are added

Sound Scheme
- New tinker sound added

- New Glassy sound added

Sample music [ Prince NRVL Rip ]
- Sexy chick - Akon

- Kings and queens - 30 Seconds to mars

- All the things she said - TaTu
- Chica bomb - Dan Balan
- Live your life - TI and Rihana
- Would you like to get my money - 50 cent

Special Words
- Windows easy transfer and set up works

- WPI install works but I recommend to isntall from boot dvd feature!!

- None of the components been removed so all applications can be installed
- Good reliability due to tweaks
- Hassle free internet browsing with internet explorer
- Yahoo messenger 11 beta has been added to see the windows features.

- 7 PDF Split and Merge

- 7 Zip

- Adobe reader
- Aero CMD
- Audio Shell
- Visual C++ updates!!
- CCleaner
- Firefox
- Flash player plugin
- Flash player activeX
- ImgBurn
- KLite Codec Pack
- M$ essentials
- Nero 9.4.12
- Note pad++
- Object dock
- opera
- Rainmeter
- RT Reg Tweaker
- Shock wave Full
- Shock wave lite
- Silverlight
- Winamp
- Winrar
- yahoo messenger 11

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Download from Fileserve:

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Breeze Systems PSRemote v.2.11

Breeze Systems PSRemote 2.11 | 5.91 Mb

The leading application for controlling Canon PowerShot cameras from a Windows PC. It gives a high degree of control over the camera and includes a live viewfinder display allowing the camera to be operated up to 5m (16 feet) from the computer using a standard USB cable.
PSRemote is designed for all Canon PowerShot cameras that support remote capture including the G10, G9, G7, SX110 IS, SX100 IS, S5 IS, A640, S80, Pro1, G6, S3 IS, S2 IS, S70, A620, A520 and many other cameras.

PSRemote enables Canon PowerShot camera users to:
Control the camera from a Windows PC
Operate the camera from a distance and in inaccessible locations
Take photo booth style sequences of photos and print them out automatically
See live viewfinder display on PC screen
See large high resolution previews of shots on the PC within seconds
Take better product shots for eBay and other online auctions/stores
Improve exposure control in tricky lighting conditions
Gain unrivalled control of camera settings in tethered operation
Create time lapse sequences over short or extended periods
Use motion detection to automatically take pictures for wildlife photography and security applications (requires Webcam Zone Trigger which must be purchased separately).

Download :
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forex Mini Accounts

With a Forex mini account you can expect low minimum deposits of as little as $100 which can usually be deposited through bank transfer or Credit Card, sometimes even Debit Cards which is obviously very advantageous.

The idea of a Forex mini account is that it allows a new trader to get started in currency trading with small amounts until they gain the confidence, experience and profits to be able to tackle a professional account and make the really big money.

To help you do this many mini accounts come packaged with a variety of support tools from simple charting right through to personal 1 to 1 tuition. The software of the mini account is usually very easy to use since its main user is the inexperienced trader and there are usually measures in place to help you manage your trading and avoid any significant losses.

A mini Forex account will still offer you good leverages (often up to 400:1) and competitive pip spreads (3-5 is the typical) so you can still make big profits while you learn the fundamentals of trading and work on developing your own Forex strategy.

A mini Forex account is best for those who intend on depositing less than $1,000 and for those who are new to online currency exchange. We always stress that it is important to learn to run before you walk in Forex and for that reason when starting to trade you should ideally start by opening a mini account with a reputable Forex broker.

Some brokers such as eToro also offer a 'micro-lots' option where you can trade with even fewer units of currency. This is a big advantage if you are a new trader who wants to take things cautiously until you have perfected a winning trading strategy.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Home Loan

A debt consolidation loan is basically a home equity loan or second mortgage which is used specifically for consolidating high interest debts into a lower fixed rate monthly payment, amortized to be completely paid off at the end of the term.

As the amount of people who are in debt continues to rise, people are finding themselves simply overwhelmed by their mounting debt problems. Many people have a variety of debts and their monthly budget cannot cover the amount of money they have to pay back. This can cause huge amounts of stress and worse still, often lead to further unintentional debt. In this situation it is worthwhile considering a variety of possible solutions to help you with your debt problems. The following information on the possibilities of taking out a debt consolidation home loan, will give you an idea if this is possible solution to help you plan your debt free future.

Millions of people up and down the country are having severe problems with their finances and for some of those people a debt consolidation home loan may be the suitable solution for them. To find out if it's the right decision for you we first address some basic debt consolidation home loan information.

What is a debt consolidation home loan?

A debt consolidation home loan is a low-cost loan which is secured against your home. It works by using the spare capital in your home (also called "equity") to pay off your debt. This is made possible by the rising house prices which have been experienced over the last five years. By choosing a debt consolidation home loan to solve your debt problems you will be able to pay off all your debt, regardless of how many different lenders you owe money to. A debt consolidation home loan could reduce your interest costs which you currently have on the outstanding debt and reduce the monthly repayments which you currently have to make.

A debt consolidation home loan can be the best way to wipe your debt slate clean and start your financial situation all over again. A debt consolidation home loan not only takes the pressure off, which lenders may currently putting you under, but can offer you the situation whereby you are only making one monthly repayment. In brief, it offers those in a seemingly hopeless situation that there is "life after debt".

Who a debt consolidation home loan suitable for?

A debt consolidation home loan is suitable for a wide variety of people who are in financial difficulties and often owe many different creditors money.

What are the benefits of a debt consolidation home loan?

The benefits of a debt consolidation home loan are significant and should not be overlooked. They include:

    * Home Improvements - A debt consolidation home loan is one of the best ways of raising cash for home improvements.

    * Low Interest Rate - The interest rates for a debt consolidation home loan can be extremely low as the loan is secured against your home.

    * Pay Off Debt - The most beneficial part of a debt consolidation home loan is the fact that it will help you pay off your debts quickly.

    * Credit Rating - A debt consolidation home loan can actually improve your credit rating or prevent it from any further damage.

If you are struggling to repay the money which you owe then a debt consolidation home loan might just be the answer for you. A professional financial adviser will be able to talk you through the range of debt consolidation home loan products on the market and advise which one is most suitable for your individual circumstances.

Source : handy saputra 
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